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Back to Basics: Mastering BJJ Fundaments by Isak Ivanovic

Learn from Isak Ivanovic, a skilled purple belt under Lachlan Giles, as he shares the secrets of a defensive Jiu-Jitsu approach. With eight years of training and notable achievements, Isak guides you through fundamental defensive techniques, emphasizing how to escape pins and navigate side control, back control, and mount positions.

In his course, Isak focuses on building a strong defense from the start, giving you the confidence to prevent guard passes and establish a solid defensive foundation. A robust defense sets the stage for fearless attacks without the risk of losing your position. Isak's teachings extend to mastering inside positions, strategically placing yourself within your opponent's legs for advantages and numerous attacking options.

Under Isak's guidance, explore leg entanglements, including techniques like Single Leg X and X Guard. By being inside your opponent's legs, you'll have a variety of attacks and sweeps at your disposal, leaving them with no viable escape. This offensive mindset is the key to achieving dominance in Jiu-Jitsu.

Isak's unique approach ensures that incorporating these techniques into your game will elevate you beyond traditional methods. Enhance your Jiu-Jitsu skills with Isak Ivanovic's comprehensive defensive strategy, paving the way for dominance on the mat.

Target Audience

  • Beginners
  • Leg Lock Enthusiasts 
  • People who want to improve their defensive foundational knowledge and build from a strong base
  • Anyone who wants to start looking at their bjj game as a whole and have a deeper understanding of superior positions and submissions

Here is the breakdown of just

some of the techniques and

submissions you'll learn:

Pin Escapes

  • Side Control Escape
  • 2nd Side Control Escape
  • Side Control Underhook Details
  • Knee Elbow Mount Escape
  • Back Escape Underhook Side
  • Back Escape Overhook Side

Guard Retention

  • Guard Retention Overview
  • Defending the Toreando Pass
  • Defending Stack Passes
  • Defending the Knee Cut


  • Concepts On Submissions
  • Attacking With The Clamp
  • Armbar Entry And Finishing Details
  • Finishing The Ankle Lock
  • Entry And Heel Hook Details
  • Finishing The RNC Properly
  • Entry And Finishing Arm In Guillotine
  • Entry and Kimura Finishing Details

Inside Position Guard

  • Why We Choose Inside Position Guards
  • Single Leg X from Inside Position
  • SLX Entry Against Skilled Opponents
  • Best Entry Into SLX
  • Attacking from SLX Intro
  • Entry Into And Basic Attack From X Guard
  • Entry And Attack From X Guard 2
  • Attacking From Reverse X

We hope you enjoy this knowledge packed training and acquire skills that you can take with you onto the mats forever or to your next competition!

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